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in‑person events at The Guide Dog were suspended in March 2020, due to COVID19.
Until the Dog eases its C‑19 measures, we’ve found a suitable replacement
at The Wellington Arms, Freemantle.

Due to the spread and the unknowns of the Ο‑variant,
all ‘live’ events are scratched until further notice.

Do check for our most reliably up‑to‑date info on THIS FACEBOOK PAGE before attending

This website WILL get updated to match, but not always as fast.

It saddens me to report that Trevor Gilson, a long-standing co-Organizer of this club in the late 90s and early 2000s, has died, aged 82.  His memorial service and burial, on the same site as Jane Allison, the other half of the team, will take place at midday on Friday 31st Dec.  For more details, please e-mail Paul.
Trevor Gilson was one of the duo who ran The Fo’c’sle Folk Club between March 1997 and December 2012, when Jane Allison, the other half of that partnership, died.  As such, he’s my predecessor in this ‘chair’.  He had had Parkinson’s for most of the period after stepping down.  His passing, in a care home in Winchester, was peaceful and accompanied by his family.
Condolences to his family, loved ones, friends and wider circle from the Focsle Music community and across the local folk scene.
The quiet one of the two, he also, behind the scenes, set up and ran websites for dozens of cultural bodies across the Central South.  The Maskers, Southampton University Players [he was a chemistry Professor there, and was on the board of an alternative Uni magazine Viewpoint], and another AmDram group based at St Edmund’s, Netley [appearing on all their stages, too], probably other small community theatre groups, several community choirs, I think Hen Party and Craig:Morgan:Robson [and, I’m sure, several others] all had their sites hosted, and likely maintained, by him, with, typically, no fuss or spotlight.
He launched my own business website [so quietly, he didn’t even tell me until he’d done so!], and ran it for years with no input beyond the content I’d supply — and, early days, not even that [copying info from hard copy publicity].  Later, he patiently taught me some HTML coding, bit by bit, which enabled me to relieve him of some of the chore of doing it himself.  Records of these were lost when, for security reasons, his computer’s hard-drives were wiped, when he moved from Manchester Rd into more managed care, intially into a Waterside home that had once housed another local folk club.
Trevor was one of those unsung stalwarts of the cultural scene who enable others to shine and achieve [or, on occasion, take the credit!], with rather fewer noticing THEIR achievements.  Personally, he was quiet, unassuming, intelligent, witty, cultured and committed to doing things for others.
RIP Trevor, and thanks for your support and all you did for The Fo’c’sle
Online FOCSLE Music is every Weds. 8pm UK
further down;  our Facebook header [trust me:  no m’ship / account / log‑in needed:  FBk won’t even track your click] says if a specific date is running, or what the theme is [they’re not every week]
All in‑person meets under FOCSLE Music auspices are scratched for the time being.  Sorry.
Virtual FOCSLE Music             e‑mail for access-codes
Join us and our international music friends (incl. some professionals)
WEDNESDAYs  8pm (UK)   = 3pm Eastern / NY   = 12noon Pacific / LA
Click/tap for other details, incl. our start-time wherever YOU are in the world
While demand sustains, we intend to keep these as weekly events
See up2date‑est info in our Facebook header [truly, no m’ship / account / log‑in needed].

Why FBk?  FOCSLE Music’s webmaster is a real person with, y’know, like, a LIFE, so is not around 24/7 to post updates.  I, on the other hand…
However, due to changes in our web-platform’s security, I cannot currently upload its pages myself.
Answers to some FAQs:  we run Singaround-style = whoever shows up performs a turn, while the rest listen in, muted
Musically, any genre welcome, ideally unplugged      Audience as welcome as performers
Themes mostly arise on the fly, esp. among the more verbally playful of our number
Pre‑arranged Theme-nights on the second and fourth meet of each month:  your compliance entirely optional
  See upcoming Themes here
Despite the maritime-sounding name [because Southampton is a port city, geddit??] we don’t just sing shanties:  they’re a serendipitous part of the mix
Turn up, and leave – and/or come back – as suits your schedule
Nice things put on the record:
   I love these   …most enjoyable.  The Focsle crew is a delightful bunch, including some breathtakingly good performers      (Austin, Texas)
…love the atmosphere of FOCSLE [Music] as well as the range of styles…
…enhanced further…  …by having a theme — it really brought out the best in people
…a very enjoyable evening…  …especially when quite a few other
[online] sessions are getting a bit tired.
   Well done for playing such a big part in keeping so many people sane through these strange times
      (North Midlands, UK)
   Thanks for all the warmth you put into your hosting.  Felt welcomed and included…  …muchly enjoyed this      (St Paul, Minnesota)
…your session is too good…  so it’s too successful      (Home Counties, UK)
   Thanks for the much-needed musical fix today.  And…  …for the creative theme ideas.      (California)
…your group is in Premier League.  …group last night non‑league      (Southport, Lancs.)
   I rate your 2 sessions as the tops!  [= FOCSLE Music and a US-based virtual ‘cousin’]      (Warks.)
Contact Paul for all queries about VIRTUAL events
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