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Wednesday evenings at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley, SO14 6SF.
Occasional guests at another Southampton venue

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Song of the Week: Babes in the Wood
24 Jan 2018

Singaround or Feature night, at The Guide Dog

  Most likely be a ‘singaround’ format (i.e. one ‘turn’ at a time, working round the room, inviting joining in, if musically appropriate, by others present), maybe to a theme (t.b.a.), delivered by whoever of you turn up.  Doing a piece fitting the theme is optional, and we usually have regulars on hand who can twist a connection out of the most abstruse aspects!

  "Feature nights" involve a guest, but in a slightly different format than a normal Guest night.  More locally-based, future ones may pair two soloists who haven't previously met, musically.

  All the usual elements, music, good beer, humour, some talent (yes!), warm welcoming atmosphere, a bit of light chat.  Come and be part of it.

  If a singaround, raffle (participation voluntary) in lieu of entry-charge.  If a Feature, there'll be a pass-the-hat collection for the musician(s).

31 Jan 2018

Singaround, but The Guide Dog unavailable, so venue t.b.a.

  Most likely a singaround, venue not yet secured.  One possibility is at a member's home (BYOB).

14 Feb 2018

Singaround, at The Guide Dog

28 Feb 2018

t.b.c. Focus on… Jake Thackray, at The Guide Dog

  Feb. 27th is JT's 80th anniversary so, if enough performers are happy to take on learning one or more of his songs, a goodly section of the evening will be devoted to these.  Jake Thackray died in his 60s, having carved out an almost unique niche for himself, with inventively constructed, poetically erudite, highly off-the-wall, anti-Establishment and sometimes gloriously un-PC songs.  While impossible to categorize, he gets lumped under the fairly recent 'label' of The English Chanson (after the French "chansonnier" tradition, one of whose exponents (Georges Brassens) he knew well and promoted.  JT translated or reworked in English many of his songs).  His humorous work is widely known, but his serious pieces (as with those from many a comic mind) ought to be exposed more often.

14 Mar 2018

Singaround, at The Guide Dog

Other things of interest

Happy New Year!

  Changes:  more guests in 2018, some local, some more distant, but nothing inked in at time of posting.  More nights:  we’ll run on any 5th Weds. in the month, too.  And [t.b.c.], elsewhere, on 5th Mons. and 5th Fridays, too.

  The Calendar (one of the links below the amber heading-banner) shows dates of all our planned nights, but this is extremely fluid at present.  Keep an eye here regularly or, if you sign up (see below), you’ll always be sent reminders of upcoming events.  We’ll run a wider variety of formats this year.

  Here’s hoping that 2018 brings all that you wish for.

  Paul Clarke & (from Kolkata, India) Jon Ellis.  Read some of Jon’s e-postcards home here http://www.focsle.org/jonandpaul.php

“Cosy”, “Lovely pub”, “Good subdued lighting”, “Best beer in Southampton”:  some comments about The Guide Dog, our civilized Real Ale venue in Earls Rd.  Mainly a conversation pub, with books, newspapers, board games, and no jukebox.  In its back room (The Doghouse [geddit?]), most 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays of each month, Focsle Music hosts a ‘singaround’ / song-circle format.  Our calendar shows any interruptions (date-shifts due to Saints games, the odd venue-switch for higher-profile guests).  Singarounds may morph into other formats, but that calendar should be largely settled by the end of January,

  To join our mailing-list, e-mail paul@focsle.org / jon@focsle.org.  Please say whether you want info on performer nights, ‘home-made’ music, or both, and we’ll add you to the relevant one:  thanks.  In the few hours prior to an event, I may not have e-mail access (only a desktop connection):  for any last-minute contact, TEXT 073 8040 1951.  I also try and update the calendar post on the day to confirm that the event is happening.

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Reg Meuross - 18 November 2016

"Thanks for a lovely night!" (Reg Meuross)

"We had a wonderful evening, and made very welcome by @FocsleFC" (Adrian Harris)

Jon Witcher

Good to see Jon Witcher drop in at the club (9 Dec '16).  A former stalwart of the club, and the lead singer with Hampshire Union, Jon moved to Wales in 1989.  Somewhere down the intervening 27 years he shaved off a magnificent beard!

Paul Clarke

7 October

Mesmerizing evening with Lee Collinson: my favourite of the year.  Since his last Focsle visit (when Debra Chesman was in charge!), he hasn't lost a drop, not in vigour, fluidity, wit or authority (he claimed afterwards to be less sharp, but you wouldn't have known). The (enviable*) banjo-playing could provide him with a living on its own, yet that's a sort of sideline for him.  Keep a lookout for his occasional (3 or 4 times yearly) intimate gigs like this. Top dollar.

* inevitable jokes notwithstanding

John Licqorish ("Meon Rose")

(25 November)

Had a great night at the Collaborations singaround on Friday - great club - great people - community singing - kazoos - what more could you ask for - look forward to goin again soon