FOCSLE Music’s

in‑person events at The Guide Dog were suspended in March 2020, due to COVID19.
Until the Dog eases its C‑19 measures, we’ve found a suitable replacement
at The Wellington Arms, Freemantle.  See here for details.

Due to the unknowns of the new Ο‑variant, events may be scratched at short notice.
Do check for our most reliably up‑to‑date info on THIS PAGE before attending any

This website WILL get updated to match, but not always as fast.

Online FOCSLE Music is every Weds. 8pm UK
further down;  our Facebook header [trust me:  no m’ship / account / log‑in needed:  FBk won’t even track your click] says if a specific date is running, or what the theme is [they’re not every week]
In‑person, for UNvaxxed, and those OK mixing with them, FOCSLE Music is planned for Weds. 8th & Tues. 21st Dec., the latter subject to sufficient numbers:  that close to Xmas, we need a prior idea of turnout.
In the current C‑19 uncertainty, due to which Dec. 1st’s gathering was pulled, the 8th’s looks more at risk than the 21st’s.
More details below.   See last‑minute date info in our Facebook header [no m’ship / log‑in needed:  FBk won’t even track your click]
In‑person, only for those 2×‑vaxxed, FOCSLE Music are planned for Weds. 15th Dec. & Tues. 28th, depending on the C‑19 situation.  Even if that allows, Tues. 28th goes ahead only subject to sufficient numbers.  More details here.   Latest date info in our Facebook header [w/o m’ship / log‑in:  FBk won’t even track your click]
Virtual FOCSLE Music             e‑mail for access-codes
Join us and our international music friends (incl. some professionals)
WEDNESDAYs  8pm (UK)   = 3pm Eastern / NY   = 12noon Pacific / LA
Click/tap for other details, incl. our start-time wherever YOU are in the world
We intend to keep these as weekly events, but some of our in‑person Sings may get diverted to Weds., esp. if our previous venue doesn’t become available.  Online, we may need Guest-Hosting cover for Dec. 15th, and Mar. 15th could be in doubt.
Not on the mailing-list?  Double-check with me that any third Weds. online event you’re interested in IS still running.
Or see up2date‑est info in our Facebook header [truly, no m’ship / account / log‑in needed].

Why FBk?  FOCSLE Music’s webmaster is a real person with, y’know, like, a LIFE, so is not around 24/7 to post updates.  I, on the other hand…
but, due to changes in our web-platform’s security, I can no longer upload its pages myself.
Answers to some FAQs:  we run Singaround-style = whoever shows up performs a turn, while the rest listen in, muted
Musically, any genre welcome, ideally unplugged      Audience as welcome as performers
Themes mostly arise on the fly, esp. among the more verbally playful of our number
Pre‑arranged Theme-nights on the second and fourth meet of each month:  your compliance entirely optional
Despite the maritime-sounding name [because Southampton is a port city, geddit??] we don’t just sing shanties:  they’re a serendipitous part of the mix
Turn up, and leave – and/or come back – as suits your schedule
Nice things put on the record:
   I love these   …most enjoyable.  The Focsle crew is a delightful bunch, including some breathtakingly good performers      (Austin, Texas)
…love the atmosphere of FOCSLE [Music] as well as the range of styles…
…enhanced further…  …by having a theme — it really brought out the best in people
…a very enjoyable evening…  …especially when quite a few other
[online] sessions are getting a bit tired.
   Well done for playing such a big part in keeping so many people sane through these strange times
      (North Midlands, UK)
   Thanks for all the warmth you put into your hosting.  Felt welcomed and included…  …muchly enjoyed this      (St Paul, Minnesota)
…your session is too good…  so it’s too successful      (Home Counties, England)
…your group is in Premier League.  …group last night non‑league      (Southport, Lancs.)
Contact Paul for all queries about VIRTUAL events
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With no fanfare, FOCSLE Music is taking tentative steps back into the real world.
The Wellington Arms  56 Park Road  Freemantle  Southampton  SO15 3DE
  note their site’s own map‑pin does not QUITE locate the pub:  it’s on the corner south of the pointer

A series of gatherings in a nice Real Ale pub used to live music, echoes our previous venue, while enabling the cyber-community built up during various lockdowns to carry on.  The Guide Dog is again allowing live music, and I’d love FOCSLE Music to reconvene there, likely in tandem with the Welly.  But that depends if the date-slots left to us are as irregular as at the Welly.  If so, it puts the future of the entity in serious doubt.
So, for now, we’ll diary singaround-only events as far forward as we can see.
Continuance subject to COVID rates not steepling  enter "Southampton", or "SO15 3DE" in the cell.  To accommodate those unhappy with imposed C‑19 precautions, alternating meets in 2021 are ‘OPEN’:  drop‑in, unpoliced, as is the pub [hand-sanitizer may be available].  If feasible, we’ll log their turnout, tweaking any C‑19 measures from January on, based on feedback from both those attending and staying away.  The pub can’t be bio-secure, but we’ll set some limits on attenders to the room for the ‘LIMITED’ events.

If you’re unvaxxed, or don’t wish to say, or are easy at mixing with those of unknown vaxx-status, the evenings of Weds8th Dec.* & Tues21st Dec.† 8pm
are all drop‑in, completely ‘OPEN’, for you to take whatever precautions [incl. none‡] you see fit. 
Note:  even aside from any C‑19 measures, we’ve not yet lined up anyone to MC 21/12, so you may have to sort that yourselves.  For singarounds, it’s not arduous (nor even straining anyone’s intelligence, some of you may be glad to know… )   There won’t even be raffles, thus no money to handle or account for, and nothing to clear up at the end.
The most up2date info will be in our
Facebook header [no m’ship / log‑in needed]
* while ‘OPEN’ evenings are intended for those accepting a higher level of COVID risk, they may still get cancelled as FOCSLE‑organized events, in the light of updated medical, or Gov’t, advice, or if the team consider they could be thought reckless in promoting such events under that banner.  As I type [28/11/21], I’d say the 8th is more at risk of cancellation than the 21st.  Unless the pub imposes stricter rules, any FOCSLE decision to scratch wouldn’t stop anyone who so wished from meeting there to make music.
† subject to demand:  for this near-Xmas date, we’ll have to collect names ahead, so our MC [if one volunteers] doesn’t waste time, or put themselves pointlessly at higher risk, by going out to cover a near-empty room.  On other drop‑in ‘OPEN’ dates, no‑one will ask for your name when you get there, or seek it beforehand.
‡ within reason — I’d draw the line at e.g. forcing hugs on folks you don’t know, or who are signalling that it’s unwelcome
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Why FBk?  I can no longer upload FOCSLE Music’s webpages myself.  Not webmaster’s doing:  due to changes in its platform’s security.  I can access FBk anytime I’m at the laptop

If you’re 2×‑vaxxed, and uncomfortable at mixing among the unvaxxed, the evenings of
Weds15th Dec. & Tues28th Dec.* 8pm, will suit you,
provided the COVID situation allows and you’re OK with others not wearing masks indoors.

These criteria will apply:
 priority to those who
notify me† of their planned attendance
 proof of vaccination either known to the team, or to be shown
 attendance limited, to 12 for these 2021 evenings, maybe 16 for the 15/12 date [t.b.d.].  You CAN chance bringing unannounced qualifying people on the night, but they could be turned away at the door
 2m+ distancing urged, esp. when seated except within existing groups
 mask-wearing left to individual choice
 strangers [= unknown to anyone in the room] won’t be able to stop by, until all advance-notifiers are in
 acceptance that we must pass your details on to the pub management, should a COVID case be detected within the time-frame of our event
Note:  while entry to the room, to sit in and participate, will be gate-kept, it’s a pub directive that we must let through their kitchen staff, and/or those wishing to smoke outside or [unlikely over the winter] use the garden.  Tues. 26/10, the main bar was so quiet [4 clients, I think] no‑one passed through during our 2 hours’+ occupancy.  Weds. 17/11 was busier, but one of 2 smokers poked a head into the doorway, saw they’d be interrupting our music, so both used the street to smoke in.  We can’t ensure such a repeat, and would struggle accommodating those for whom others passing through is too much hazard.  Sorry!
* subject to demand:  28th Dec. may collide with folks’ Xmas arrangements:  we’ll have to collect names ahead, so our MCs [if any volunteer] don’t waste time attending a near-empty event.  Up2date‑est info will be in our Facebook header [no m’ship / log‑in needed]
† if you can’t commit but want to log your interest, I can keep a list of those undecided, to contact nearer the time, e.g. when/if it starts to fill up
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Why FBk?  Because I can no longer upload pages to FOCSLE Music’s website myself.  Webmaster isn’t always at home to do it, so FBk is more available
You’ve a right to know why this mess of haphazard dates:  see the problem here.
Link for Attenders in person, wondering when guest-nights will be returning

Performers, Acts, their Agents, or anyone seeking to play at FOCSLE Music

Click here for the list of all planned in‑person events.  Sign up to our regular 2‑oømaround list, for info about virtual events.

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