FOCSLE Music Events

usually, Wednesday evenings at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley  SO14 6SF
Occasionally elsewhere in Southampton

13 Jan 2017
SINGAROUND - the theme (optional) is "goodnight and good luck!"

Give us a song, a tune, a poem, a story, join in – or just enjoy. This is an "Anything Goes" singaround, so there's no theme, do anything within the bounds of decency!  If you've never sung etc in public, if you need the words in front of you, if you're really nervous - here's a chance to dip you toe in the water.

 As it’s Friday 13th, traditionally a day for bad luck, the theme (optional) is “goodnight and good luck!”  £2 in the pot, please.

6 Jan 2017
20 Jan 2017

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