FOCSLE Music Events

usually, Wednesday evenings at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley  SO14 6SF
Occasionally elsewhere in Southampton

8 Nov 2017
Music at The Guide Dog [venue tbc], with SHIRLEY KNOT

  The (by now) usual shenanigans at this brill. little pub, with an extra element tonight (the first of many, we hope).

  Bring your songs, tunes, etc. to perform for the rest of us.  No pressure to do a turn:  join in choruses, add impromptu accompaniment to tunes, or just listen, if you like.

  Probably the whole second half will be devoted to a set by Rosie Marshall, Rob Wilson (both already seen at our Dog events), John Connell and John Miller, collectively Shirley Knot [geddit??  ye-e-e-s, ye-e-e-s!].  They are (self-)described as the "ropey" [geddit??] leftovers of the Priory Hard shanty crew.  They've reformed, not simply to disguise their identity from former creditors ;-)    Under their new brand, their repertoire has expanded beyond just shanties, with comic material and more.  They've sung at Wickham and New Forest Festivals.  Expect laughter, social comment and lots to join in with, so come and add your voices in harmony with some lusty singing.

  A tiny possibility of a venue-change venue for this (space reasons, not a football match clash).  Please e-mail if you expect to attend, since, if we get too many audience, there won't be room for you all!  We won't hold anyone to their commitment, but an idea of numbers and availability (or not) now would help.  Thanks!

  Free entry at the Dog, with Pass-the-Hat collection and voluntary "Woof-woof"le.


Confirmed at 16:00 this event is going ahead tonight

25 Oct 2017
10 Nov 2017

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