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18 Dec 2017
MON.:  Xmas Party, with Mummers (jointly with The Doghouse Music Session)

(A Saints match on Weds. 13th., and the fall of Xmas, have enforced changes to our December schedule).

  What we're not changing, though, is the happy format of The Focsle's Xmas do:

seasonal food, the usual hilarious nonsense from King John's Mummers, party-pieces from Focsle Music regulars, interspersed with carols.

  If you've been, you'll know that The Doghouse is really a bit small for a battle between Turk and Englishman (however stagey).  However, KJM pride themselves on operating in the tightest of spaces, and two KJM members have pronounced the space sufficient.  KJM's visit is mooted for about 21:15, after their final pre-Xmas rehearsal (so perhaps they'll remember their lines?  A good or bad thing:  that's for you to judge  :-)  "They practise beforehand, which ruins the fun":  Flanders & Swann).

  DON'T rely on that for turning up and expecting a seat though, since I wonder where the audience is actually going to be while KJM do their thing!

  In another twist, musicians from The Doghouse Music Sessions have been invited, so some may join us, adding different musical textures to our carols (and any other party-pieces we all know).  Doghouse Sessions are run by Nic Bradford and Cath Watkins on the 4th Monday of the month (which, in December, is Xmas Day:  they thought there might not be much demand then ;-)  so are splitting their event;  see also Dec. 28th).

  FREE raffle this week, on us:  King John's Mummers perform and collect for charity, so we'd prefer more money went to them.


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