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usually, Wednesday evenings at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley  SO14 6SF
Occasionally elsewhere in Southampton

27 Dec 2017
N.B. CHANGED from THURS.: Post-Xmas Escape musical meeting, jointly with The Doghouse Music Sessions

Note change of date:  The Guide Dog is putting on its regular Thai Curry night [well-regarded by several of our crowd] on the 28th, so Cath & Nic have elected to bring forward their event by one day.

  At the kind invitation of The Doghouse Music Sessions musicans, we again join forces for an opportunity to escape the ghastly relatives or other tribulations of this period of excess.  “Any Foc’s’le folks will be more than welcome if they’d like to come along…  … wishing you a happy Xmas - hope to see you on the 27th if not before” (Nic Bradford).
  This is their postponed Xmas Day session.  Burn off a few calories by joining in with, or leading, some songs (poss. seasonal, poss. not:  who knows?*) and/or playing along with (as your musical skills allow) or just tapping your feet to, invigorating tunes courtesy of Cath Watkins (fiddle), Nic (guitar) and whoever else of their usual contingent is not too bladdered to turn out for some spirited music-making.  On an ad hoc basis, some of the numbers will be more Focsle Music style:  a more obvious "lead" singer with others providing improvised backing harmonies.  You could even persuade said relatives (if they're not TOO ghastly), to join us, perhaps exposing them to the joys of acoustic music for the first time, while swelling the numbers (and the sound?)

  If there's a raffle, bet it will be extra good, loaded with unwanted presents as prizes  ;-)  [Cynical, moi?]

* strictly, if you turn up to perform, YOU do!

Following the Dec. 27th event on this page, it reads “28 Dec 2017 8:00pm”, with no event listed.  The latter’s correct (there’s nothing happening musically), but I don't know how to delete the date, or the entry.  In the Calendar, an “Event” date, with nothing listed, defaults to describing itself as a Singaround.  That’s wrong, but I can’t override the pre-programming:  sorry!

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