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28 Feb 2018
t.b.c. Focus on… Jake Thackray, at The Guide Dog

  Feb. 27th is JT's 80th anniversary so, if enough performers are happy to take on learning one or more of his songs, a goodly section of the evening will be devoted to these.  Jake Thackray died in his 60s, having carved out an almost unique niche for himself, with inventively constructed, poetically erudite, highly off-the-wall, anti-Establishment and sometimes gloriously un-PC songs.  While impossible to categorize, he gets lumped under the fairly recent 'label' of The English Chanson (after the French "chansonnier" tradition, one of whose exponents (Georges Brassens) he knew well and promoted.  JT translated or reworked in English many of his songs).  His humorous work is widely known, but his serious pieces (as with those from many a comic mind) ought to be exposed more often.

14 Feb 2018
14 Mar 2018

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