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11 Jul 2018
Songs/Music on a Theme: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", plus Guest DAVID BROOM, at The Guide Dog

  Themed singaround-style evening, now with a guest!  Saturday 14th marks Bastille Day in France, so Jon has suggested music linked to "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".  More recently, he mooted extending it to encompass Women's Suffrage, Les Evenéments [the Paris Student Riots, to thee ’n’ me] fifty years on, the Long March of working people to achieve their rights, your favourite revolutionary, etc. (including all that, I stuggle to think up a piece that doesn’t fit at least one of those!!)  No out-and-out demand to fit the theme, but it may help influence your choices to think about it.

  To round things off in a tone befitting the rest of the evening, we’re delighted to welcome Focsle Music débutant DAVID BROOM, from New Milton, a singer/songwriter/guitarist I’ve been pursuing (for the most civilized musical reasons, you understand) since about 2005.  He’ll deliver a 30-minute set, mixIng his own songs with some well-known and less well-known ones by others.  He says he’s “a man of causes”, rather than of specific political leanings, but that fits our theme admirably.

  As usual, plenty of good humour, good beer, good company and good music.

  No charge to come in:  we run a raffle, and we’ll Pass the Hat for you to show your appreciaton for David Broom.

27 Jun 2018
25 Jul 2018

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