Focsle Music Events

Wednesday evenings at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley.
Occasional guests at another Southampton venue

29 Aug 2018
Format t.b.a., but most likely not at The Guide Dog

  In months with five Wednesdays, we plan to still meet, but in a different format.  House Concerts (similar to gigs at The Dog, but in someone’s house, on a BYOB basis) are one possibility.  For insurance purposes, they have to be “invitation-only” but this isn't as formal as it sounds:  you tell us you’d like to come, and we invite you!

  With [t.b.c.] a US (Focsle) débutante on the bill the week before, we may go for an American-leaning evening, if tonight’s date becomes a House Concert.  This would give our late summer / early autumn run a definite Transatlantic flavour (FRICTION FARM also début on Sept. 12th), something we’ll try and reflect in our choice of support acts.

22 Aug 2018
12 Sep 2018

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