FOCSLE Music Events

most 2nd & 4th Weds., each month
at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley,  SOUTHAMPTON  SO14 6SF

10 Apr 2019

Confirming, as at 17.07 today, that this event is going ahead.  Presence of planned MC is in doubt at 8pm, but trying to sort back-up!​The Elderlies playing and singing

  Dave Betteridge and Tom Callaghan (vocals, guitars), both seasoned performers on the local scene, joined forces over a decade ago to create THE ELDERLYS, interpreting Everly Brothers’ songs and other music of that era, within a wider musical mix.  Both have been part of previous musical groupings for as long as I’ve been attending folk clubs (Dave was in a trio called The Southern Gents about 25 years ago, and is now one of the six Ghost Riders, Jeff Henry's group assembled to perform his songs).  For variety, we’ve invited them to present separate solo sets first, in addition to their polished duo renderings of rock’n’roll nostalgia, etc.  Go off into the nght with a spring in your step!

  We’ll Pass the Hat for Dave and Tom.  Other usual Doghouse Guest pattern applies:  c.40 mins. of singaround, followed by one or two support acts (t.b.a.).  The exact flow of the remainder, including when any second floor-singer does their bit, will be up to the main guests.  They may choose to each perform their solo slot uninterrupted, or take turns delivering shorter sets (over about one hour).  They’ll round off the evening with c.30 mins. of their typical ELDERLYS material.
   Those waiting with bated breath for the musical return of co-Organizer Jon Ellis’ (vocal, guitar, banjo, mandolin, penny whistle) should finally be satisfied tonight (though not heard from him by time of updating!!!)  He is due to be present after his annual winter break in India, and is sure to participate in the singaround element, if not do a floor-spot.  Raffle in the break, with alcohol and (usually) confectionery to win;  possibly, our last ever chance to present French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Maltese, etc. wine as a prize  :-)  At FOCSLE Music, we haven’t been stock-piling [honest:  that’s the last B-related reference on these pages.  Ever.  Unless, of couse, there’s an extension…  ]

  M.C.:  [likely] Paul Clarke

2 Apr 2019
24 Apr 2019

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