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at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley,  SOUTHAMPTON  SO14 6SF

27 Nov 2019

  Confirming, as at 13:25 today, that this event is going ahead.

  "Home-made" music, by you, me, or anyone else musical who attends.  In the light of the death of long-time Fo'c'sle supporter Ernie Petley, an inverterate shanty-singer and Cyril Tawney fan, I'm suggesting you bring something from your repertoire in that vein to sing tonight in his memory.  Raffle, etc., all as usual.

  FOCSLE Music's last singaround meeting of the year.  Hope to see you along.


 (If you wish for Ernie's funeral details, pls. contact me, or search for Mo Petley on Facebook).

13 Nov 2019
11 Dec 2019

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