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11 Dec 2019
Guests:  SHIRLEY KNOT, main event at our Xmas Party

  Confirming, as at 13:32 today, that this event is going ahead.

Shirley Knot, four-part vocal harmony group

  Popular vocal harmony group, partly made up of FOCSLE Music regulars, SHIRLEY KNOT [yup:  geddit?] return for what may become an annual seasonal booking.  Since last year's experiment with 5-part harmony, they've reverted to 4 voices:  ROSIE MARSHALL, JOHN CONNELL, JOHN MILLER & ROBERT WILSON.  Wide-ranging repertoire (they promise some Christmas-related material, including wassails), with gorgeous rich harmonies resounding in our bijou space, and an emphasis on joining in.  Come and polish up your voices in time for your Xmas carollings elsewhere.
  Because of clashing events on Dec. 18th* (when, logically, we might have run a replacement fourth-Weds. evening), this is also FOCSLE Music's Xmas do.  Bring your musical / spoken-word  party pieces, and some shareable food (to save waste, roughly as much as you yourself could eat:  helpful to report to what you're planning to bring, so I can ascertain that there aren't e.g. too many 'sweet' courses and not enough savoury, etc.  So far, only mince pies and pork pies.  Thanks).

  Pattern of evening adapted from the usual:  singaround-style round-the-room invitation to do your Xmas 'thing' (or choose a carol from provided lyrics sheets), with extended breaks for SHIRLEY KNOT's sets;  raffle includes 1 free ticket for everyone attending, with multiple prizes;  we will Pass the Hat for our guests.

  M.C.:  Paul Clarke

* Two of Shirley Knot are in King John's Morris (hence they can't be available for FOCSLE Music's previously de rigueur Xmas entertainment:  their Mummers play).  KJM's Carol Singing night / Mummers Play is on the 18th.  To catch up with their sans-carols Mummers Play (at its many venues), or for details of their other activities over Yuletide, see their website here (they're in The Guide Dog's main bar on Sat. 21st).

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