FOCSLE Music Events

most 2nd & 4th Weds., each month
at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley,  SOUTHAMPTON  SO14 6SF

18 Dec 2019
XMAS PARTY [date t.b.c.]

  This date is provisional.  KING JOHN'S MUMMERS, until 2017 our Xmas Party entertainment for the past Lord-knows-HOW-many years, hold their annual Carol Singing tonight, so we have a dilemma, for whose solution which we invite your input.
  We COULD book somewhere else on the Monday [16th] or Tuesday (both nights, there are other musical activities in The Doghouse) according to:
a) where's available (cheap), and/or
b) whether that venue's within reach of KJM's other veunes that night;  2018's manifestation was The Waterloo Arms, Waterloo Rd, Freemantle, which was a more-than-adequate space, good enough acoustically, but poss. not available on a Tuesday [I'll check];
  or we could miss out again on having the Mummers at our Party this year, and stick to Weds. in The Doghouse.  They usually include The Guide Dog in their Xmas itinerary, and you could easily catch up with them elsewhere over the Festive Season (though their schedule is not yet on their website).  Like or not, FOCSLE Music still has to draw forward the DATE in the calendar, because Xmas Day and our formula'd December meet-date co-incide.

  If you have strong feelings (in fact, any opinion at all) about which of these paths to follow, please relay them to Paul.  Jon will be away then, so can't really influence things.  Please say whether you're available on your preferred date, too.  For the record, I'm for moving dates to accommodate the Mummers, but I'm ready to be swayed by a majority, even a 52% one.

11 Dec 2019

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