FOCSLE Music Events

most Wednesdays (exc. first), each month
at The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley,  SOUTHAMPTON  SO14 6SF

15 Jan 2020

  Confirming, as at 13:00 today, that this event is going ahead.

 Singaround [see dark panel, right] tonight, likely the offering on most third Wednesdays.  Plan is to engage one of our regulars (or frequenters, if actual 'regulars' not available) to run the show, and to showcase themselves by doing a 2- or 3- number spot on each of their turns.  That doesn't mean the main team will always be absent:  this time, certainly not.  Invited M.C.s not available this time so, for January only, we'll run a standard 'pot luck' singaround and organize the varying hosts next month.  Just a glimmer of possibility that FOCSLE Music's full team will be in attendance, since JON ELLIS is in the UK for about another week.  If he's able to visit, he may bring others of his Lymington-based circle, who often co-travel.

  No formal entry charge, but donations invited, or buy some raffle-tickets — prizes include, at minimum, alcohol (plus confectionery, if attendance numbers warrant).  M.C.: Paul Clarke

8 Jan 2020
22 Jan 2020

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