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26 Feb 2020

  While I'm away from my computer base now (3:40pm), I assume tonight's shenanigans will go ahead as [un]planned, in the absence of any messages to the contrary from Syd, while I WAS at my computer.Damian O'Vitch and Syd Meats in panda outfits, barbecuing food (Bear Grills, geddit?)

  The pic. above is for their [wait for it] Bear Grills tour, giving a foretaste [pun intended] of the type of humour you might expect from a gig by PANDA-MONIUM, "Hampshire's leading panda harmonium duo".  Brainchild Gibletschild of erstwhile Fo'c'sle F C regular SYD MEATS {a.k.a. Guru SydPanda) and his mate DAMIAN O'VITCH (M. C. Meles), who bring their surreal daftness to The Doghouse tonight.  Experience the musical and poetical results of their own brainstorms, plus unlikely cover versions, possibly – "for one night only" – with Johnny Cash references (being his birthday).  Yersss.

  Usual* Doghouse guest night arrangements:  Pass-the-Hat entry 'fee';  preliminary singaround;  raffle, with prize(s) including alcohol (and, usually, confectionery), in the break.  M.C.: Paul Clarke

* as if anything involving Syd could be called "usual"

  Text 073 8040 1951 about tonight's event [e-mail inaccessible between now and the event].

19 Feb 2020
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