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8 Apr 2020

Hamish Currie, with guitar


  Now based in the Home Counties, where (among other things) he founded and runs the Berkhamsted Campaign for Real Music*, HAMISH used to be musically active round here.  Scots-born performer (read some bio here and get a flavour of his wry humour) delivers contemporary, Trad., and some of his own, songs, sometimes substituting ukulele for guitar, or singing unaccompanied.  "A gentle singer with a twinkle in his eye".  Checkout some recordings here.  Bring your voices to join in with choruses!

  We'll Pass-the-Hat for Hamish, and run a raffle in the interval, with alcohol (and, likely, confectionery) prize(s).  Evening kicks off with a singaround, then 2 × 45mins. sets from our guest.  M.C.: Paul Clarke


*  an ethos we at FOCSLE Music entirely support

1 Apr 2020
15 Apr 2020

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