FOCSLE Music Songs

Lyrics and Notation

This section contains links to song collections produced by some regular members of the club.

Brian Hooper A selection of many of the songs Brian has written over the years.
Dave McGlade A collection of around 1000 traditional songs Dave put together over a period of around ten years

Sample Recordings

This section contains a selection of recordings of Fo’c’sle members transmitted on Christmas Day. 2014 by Voice FM Radio

There is a known bug in Internet Explorer 11 that shows Invalid Source for the songs;  many web sites have the same problem.  The workaround stops it working for other browsers.  Since it worked in earlier versions of IE, I anticipate Microsoft will fix it eventually.  If it goes on long enough, I will have to work out which browser you are using and do different things for each, but I don't want that hassle!

Brian - The Channels Download
Dusty - The Magpie Download
John Knowler - The Tunnel Tigers Download
Stroph - The Coster's Garden Download
Anne - Sally Free and Easy Download
Kevin - Cruising Down the Solent in Me Boat Download
Jane - Consequences Download
Tony - Cells Download
Brian - Coming in Further Download
Dusty - The Blacksmith Download
John Knowler - Sacramento Download
Stroph - My Dear Old Dutch Download
Anne - Cape Breton Lullaby Download
Kevin - Granda's Back Yard were a Goldmine Download
Tony - Rolling Home Download
Brian - The Woolston Ferry Download

In many cases our guests have song clips or videos on line, and a sample of these are below.  As these link to sites maintained by the guests themselves, we cannot be certain that the links are still valid, even though they were when we created them.  Please contact us if you find one is broken

Damian Clarke, Reg Meuross, Pete Coe, Lee Collinson, Quicksilver, Steve Turner

Other things of interest